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30 Sep Vacuum table - ST Series
Gavin 0 15296
Our ST Series of vacuum tables are a simple construction of polyethylene and rolled aluminium and best used for wood and plastic cnc machining. Clamping holes for M6 bolts with 50 mm separation dista..
30 Sep Vacuum table - GAL Series
Gavin 0 16926
The GAL series vacuum clamping tables are made from solid aluminium. The use of thick, strong cast aluminium produces a vacuum table which provides a high level of stability in combination with excep..
30 Sep Clamping Force Boosters
Gavin 0 12803
Our clamping force boosters offer a wide range of applications and increase the clamping force of vacuum tables. Add to water at 60-70 degrees Celsius. The clamping force booster (CFB) is easy to mou..
30 Sep DIY CNC - VacEasy Series
Gavin 0 12362
Our CNC DIY solution, the VacEasy series makes vacuum clamping, cutting and cnc machining of wood, plastic or light metal an easy task. It can be used on the local workbench as well as in crafts, ind..
30 Sep Vacuum Table - GR Series
Gavin 0 15769
Our GR Series of vacuum tables are the perfect solution for precision metal working. ..
30 Sep Vacuum table - R Series
Gavin 0 9633
Our vacuum table R Series provide enormous clamping force with low requirement on the size of vacuum pump, but it is only possible to cut all the way through the work piece without loss of vacuum unde..
30 Sep Vacuum pads - HPC Series
Gavin 0 7781
Our HPC Series of vacuum pads feature an extreme holding force using a combination of vacuum and adhesive film. They are able to be connected in series, to create a larger holding surface. HPC vacuu..
30 Sep Pneumatic Clamps
Gavin 0 13955
Our pneumatic clamping systems allow you to work quickly, flexibly and efficiently. Made from cast aluminum, to prevent wear and tear, all the contact surfaces of moving parts are anodized. And an in..
30 Sep T-Slot Plates - demonstration
Gavin 0 12102
Our T-Slot plates are made from aluminium and steel, also finely milled. Plates can be suctioned onto a vacuum table. Enabling you to mount vices, clamps and anything else you wish to use. Our T-Slo..
30 Sep Vacuum table SEAL Series
Gavin 0 11566
Our SEAL Series vacuum tables are an advanced version of our ST Series vacuum tables. A 8 mm strong aluminum plate at the bottom of the vacuum table provides extra stability. This aluminum plate all..
30 Sep Liquid Ring Pumps
Gavin 0 7844
The liquid ring pump is a very useful device in the machining centre. It allows the machinist to work with fluids on all their parts be it mist cooling or full flood cooling through the spindle or wat..
19 Sep Which vacuum pump should I use?
Gavin 0 22663
This is probably the most common question I am asked and can get quite confusing. Here are 3 basic principles you can use to determine which vacuum pump will fit your needs: What size of vacuum ta..
19 Sep What vacuum table do I need?
Gavin 0 17856
This is a very common question I am asked.  The simple answer is it just depends on what you are CNC machining and what results you wish to achieve. There are many tables that suit different types o..
19 Sep How does vacuum clamping work?
admin 0 16719
The Basic Principal of Vacuum Clamping First of all we find the normal atmospheric air pressure inside and outside of the vacuum table, which withholds approximately 1 bar. Next some equipment (or wo..
19 Sep Vacuum table - Ral Pro Series
Gavin 0 9560
The RAL PRO vacuum table is manufactured from solid aluminium and is trued on both sides. As a result the maximum possible strength and freedom from distortion are guaranteed on heating (no bi-metall..
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